I have always had an interest in health, nutrition and healing. Over the years I have enjoyed exploring nutritional theories and sharing this knowledge with my friends, colleagues, and family. In the process of experimenting with cleanses, diets, vitamins, & exercise I was baffled at how miserable I felt.

I spent nearly a decade dealing with a mystery chronic illness that became debilitating and ultimately diagnosed as Addison’s disease (primary adrenal insufficiency). Many are unfamiliar with this disease because it is very rare, affecting roughly 400 per million. There are few resources to help, and patients like me are left learning how to manage and survive with very little guidance. Fortunately, through this very trying time, I had an incredibly supportive husband and a rambunctious toddler who forced me not to give up on being as healthy as possible despite this incurable illness.

After my diagnoses I spent roughly 5 years learning and experimenting with all types of healing from allopathic medicine to homeopathic, naturopathic, energy, grounding & meditation. I was sure that I could heal myself and be free form being labeled “sick”. Some of those years were better than others, but I am grateful for the entire process as it taught me how to be “well” and to thrive, not just survive. It also taught me that I am perfect and whole, with or without the disease. I can live with an “illness” and still be well! What a concept.

My illness was a fantastic teacher that I will be ever grateful for. However, I reached a point when I knew I was ready to graduate from student to master. This transition involved mastering my health and unbinding myself from being a victim of disease. A knowing that I am a perfectly whole and complete individual with Addison’s. It was as if I spend my life floating above my body and believing it had a separate and overpowering agenda in my life. The shift for me came when I finally stopped living in this manner and re-connected my body and mind and realized that they work in synchronicity.

The ironic thing about my disease, then and now, is that it forces me to be in tune with my body and it’s very unique needs. There is no specific diet, supplement, medicine, guru, or exercise program that enables me to be well. It is a practice that involves aspects of all of them and the understanding that my needs are constantly changing and evolving.

So why an I telling you this? Because, my greatest source of joy has always been in helping others, whether it was in career development, working with students as a substitute teacher, teaching yoga, or helping my friends and family with health concerns. I now know that part of my wellbeing involves doing what I love. The best version of me is directly connected to helping others discover what helps them thrive.