Personal Health Consultation

Wellness Starts Here

This service is designed to help you thrive. Everything we feel and do relates to our well-being and directly affects our experience in the world. Exercise and diet are important for a healthy body, but make up only a small part in our wellbeing. Our actions and beliefs are the true roots of health. Together we will discover the best version of you.

Patient Advocacy

Knowledge is Power

This service is to help you understand patient rights, awareness, disease support and education on your specific needs. As your advocate, we will work together to ensure you are confident in navigating the medical world on your terms.

Earthing Consultation

Experience Natures Healing Power

This specific service is designed to provide you a hand on experience with Earthing. Providing you an in-depth understanding on how "earthing" can help heal the body. Whether you are simply walking barefoot or kicking your shoes off in the grass, I can help you use the earth's energy to restore vital health. I can also introduce you to products that will help you in your home and office.

Watch these videos to learn more:

Down to Earth

The Science of Grounding (password: grounding)