Wellness in not a destination

Urban Dictionary: "The general state of well-being, generally associated with the presence of human emotions possessing generally happy, optomistic qualities. Wellness can be found often in those that are morally straight, giving, rich, and other people who can be assumed due to the previous description.

One might wonder, "How are the rich assocated with wellness?" Well, to answer your question which would most likely not be asked in so many words, it was a joke intended to make the reader laugh, although it seems this attempt has failed miserably."

I love the urban dictionary for it's blatant use of reality & perception blended with old world "static" definitions.

Wellness is as far from static as Webster's definition. Wellness is a daily practice. A practice that takes time to master and, even when we find our "happy place" is never a destination. We must stop thinking that life is not fluid and ever changing. We must learn to navigate in a way that allows us to recognize the tide. Seek to understand what helps us to experience wellness: Love, compassion, happiness, movement, relationships, community, food, laughter, creativity, touch, nature, and more. The more time we spend in the areas, the more we experience wellness.

The more time we spend doing what make us feel sick, in pain, depressed, & sad will the more we lose touch with our power and ability to navigate life. The beauty of fluid wellness is that everything we do gives us a greater understanding of our purpose & passion. If we are sad or in pain, we seek wellness, and through that exploration find out more about our personal needs. In return, wellness and what we learn from our practice become the tools we leverage to continually return to this natural state.

Being rich, happy, healthy, in love, depressed, in pain, and every state imaginable are TEMPORARY, fluid. Find your surfboard and enjoy the ride.

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